Jun 28, 2016

Just to say Happy 4th of July!!! Here's an awesome chace to snag a few of my bookflowers!!

Hey guys! So the forth of July is one of my absolute favorite holidays! Why?


Yup what more can any girl ask for!!!

So in honor of the holiday I'm giving you guys a little something.. I'll be offering my book flowers buy 3 get 1 free!!!!

Their just $3 each and $3 for shipping! That's it!

 You can stop by my etsy shop and grab your own here!

Or just send me an email at sarinana0309@gmail.com letting me know what flowers you'd like me to make and i'll take it from there! I totally except paypal guys! 

I'd love to share some of these pretty flowers with you!!! 

And if you'd simply just like to see your favorite book as a flower but don't really want to buy one.. well leave a comment below and suggest your favorite!! I love taking requests!! And if i make the flower you suggest.. you never know, I might just send it to you for free!!

I like to give alot! So your odds are pretty great!!

Thanks for stopping by the blog everybody!!!

Definitely share the word about my flowers if you can! I appreciate every bit of help! I hope to beautify bookshelves everywhere! 

: )

Jun 26, 2016

We all need a random update post every now and then!!

So wow its been a crazy last few weeks! I've taken my little flower shop to all new levels and my book flower creations.. well.. they keep getting better! Seriously guys.. Im so proud of these!

Have you seen them yet?

Here's a few pictures just to catch you up on things....

OK back to the post!
So what are my plans...

I've decided to switch my book flower list giveaways to monthly rather than weekly. Just figured the prize can be bigger this way and it gives more people a chance to spread the word! What's my goal.. to share my book flowers with the world! Big dreams? Oh yes!! Lol!

So I'm working on the list that already has over 100 entries! Is it possible to make 100+ flowers? Oh you bet I'll try! Note to self: Consider adding a donate button before these book flowers make you go broke! Ha! Just kidding... you guys are worth it!

As for plans with this blog. I need to post more bookish things. And I am reading. So we can expect more reviews soon. These book flowers need inspiration to back up their beauty! :)  I'm thinking about ramping up my blog side bars, they definitely need some tweeking! But how to do that? I'm not even sure? So there's that...

Oh and more giveaways! I've got tons coming up! Be ready for that guys! There's nothing I love more than giving! Lol!

Well I guess that's it for now...

Stay tuned for more book flowers, more book poats, and more giveaways! After so long away from my blog.. it's finally starting to feel like the good Ole days! Yay! :)

Jun 20, 2016

Win the Ultimate Summer Prize Pack! You can thank me later!

Hey guys! I'm back again with yet another giveaway! I'm a giver! Always have been always will be! What can I say, I just love to spread the book love! The theme for this hop is Summer! So I thought to myself what's better than a good book and a bunch of snacks to eat! Right?

So for this giveaway! I'm giving away any book of your choice from the Book Depository! Because they ship everywhere and my international followers have to get a chance to win too!!!

And as for the snacks... How about a chance for an AMAZON Giftcard too!! They sell snacks? Right? We're just gonna say yes they do! ha!

And last but not least, I just have to give everyone a chance at winning one of these beautiful book flowers! Because thier pretty, and your bookshelf will look stunning with them! :)

I just made these pretty Harry Potter flowers this week!
Let's take a few seconds to admire them....

The winner gets to choose any book flower design they want!

Don't forget guys, all my book flowers are for sale! Request your own today! Just send me a message or stop by gardendreamsdecor.Com to see more!!!

Ok on to the giveaway! As always just fill out the rafflecopter below to enter!
And make sure to stop by the rest of the blogs on the hop!
Their always giving away great stuff too!!!

Have a great day guys!! And good luck!
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Jun 17, 2016

My book flower list is growing!! Have you seen these yet???

I've taken this book flower ideas to all levels of awesome! So far I've done Harry potter, The Lunar Chronicals, Shadow and Bone, and so many more... I'm still working on a cute way to display them all for you. But my blog design skills aren't as great as my flower design skills apparently! Ha! So I'm still working on that! But in the meantime, here's a few flowers you might not have seen yet....

I've got so many more coming up! And the list of suggestions gets bigger every day!! Thank you guys for helping me out with this amazing new adventure! Make sure to enter the book flower giveaway.. it's got 1 day left! You can do an entry every day if you want to! :)

And stay tuned for more book flowers!!

Don't forget you can buy a book flower of your own at any time for only $6! Stop by my etsy shop gardendreamsdecor.com... or just send me a message, email, tweet, comment.. whatever it takes! I take payments via PayPal too! You know you want one guys! Just let me know! :)

Jun 11, 2016

Week 2! Another chance to win! Have you added your name to the list?

Hey guys! So apparently this book flower creation of mine has become a thing that I just can't stop! But my list of book knowledge is a bit limited these days! Lol!

So I'm looking to you guys to help! Introducing the list!! Suggest a book you'd love to see made into one of my pretty flowers and I'll add you to the list! At the end of every week I'll hold a drawing and the winner will get the flower they suggested for free!!

These flowers are amazing guys! Trust me, you want one!!!

Just leave your suggestion in the comments below... and check back every now and then to see the list grow!!

We're  gonna make beautiful flowers together you and I! Lol!


And if any of you guys just wanna buy a flower of your own, just message me or stop by my etsy shop! Custom flowers are only $6! It's a small price to pay for something so pretty! Just saying! :)

Let's get this list started!!

List of book flowers *coming soon*

List of previous winners *coming soon*

Have a great day! And thanx for stopping by! :)

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