May 23, 2016

Making its debut appearance on my blog.... the first of many #book flowers .. Throne of Glass!

I make this flowers based on the books that inspire me.. this particular flower was my first! Let's take a second to admire it..... 

Just in case... 

Here it is again in a different view...

And why are these flowers so important? Well they brought me back to blogging!

It's been a crazy month but an incredible one too! I actually saw this idea as a diy post on pinterest! How to make a flower from soda cans! I got a few cans and some left over paint and the artist in me took over!

And was born! 

Yup people loved my flowers so much, I started my own shop! Check it out here guys.. you won't be disappointed, I assure you! 

So what's left to do than to combine my two passions! My books and my flowers! This is me! 

Stay tuned for more book flowers, book reviews, book news, book sales, and most of all... more BOOKLOVE! 


May 21, 2016

And We're Back With Something New

Hello again my bookish friends!

Oh blogger what can I say, I just couldn't stay away for long! The books keep calling and the more I read, the more I have to say! I think we've all read that one book that was so darn awesome that we walk away with only one thing in mind... we need to tell someone about this book!! Well I've been keeping my book thoughts inside for far too long! Tons to say! But not today! Ha! ;)

Today I'm here to talk about my latest bookish project! A twist in my book journey. I have discovered the art of flower painting! It's weird I know! But alas I'm filled with the need to create sparkly things... so why not combine the two! Prepare yourselves my fellow book lovers! These flowers will amaze you!

Just wait and see!