Jul 25, 2016

My bookflowers got an upgrade!

Just in case you guys haven't seen these yet, I just had to share! Somewhere in the past week I got the idea to make my solar light flower into a book flower!

This is the result!

This is only the first of many I'm sure!!! I can't wait to make more for you guys! Their gonna be beautiful! I already know it!

Here's a link just in case anyone wants to grab one of these for your bookshelf! Yes they are solar powered, but they dont have to be outside, and work on regular batteries! :)

 Link to these amazing book flowers! Here!

And yes I will make one for any book you can think of! I accept all challenges! ha! :)


Jul 15, 2016

I'm having a bit of a problem with inspiration for my book flowers!


I know there's tons of books out there that I can make into flowers. I myself have read hundreds. And there's so many that I'd love to make. Here's the problem though... Most of the books I love were published more than 2 years ago. And newer bloggers aren't really too familiar with them. 

I have browsed endlessly though goodreads, and spent hours and hours on my twitter feed looking for popular books from today... and I'm coming up kind of empty???

Where are all my book bloggers at? And why aren't you guys posting anything about books? Maybe i'm looking at the wrong places???

A Court of Mist and Fury couldn't possibly be the only book out there right now worth mentioning right?????

So i'm writing this post in an effort to seek out a bit of help from you guys! I'm looking for bloggers that post really great new release posts? Cause I wanna know the new releases! And I'm looking for bloggers that gush and gush about the books they love... not really the ARCs.. we all love them but... I need books that I can get into my hands now!

I want to know what people are reading!! I'm searching for answers and coming out empty! Maybe you guys can help??

Comment any suggestions to me guys whether it be good book recommendations, authors, awesome bloggers, anything! I really appreciate it! 


PS: I just invented a dallas cowboys solar light! It looks like this...

Would any of you guys wanna see a book solar light?
Just say yes and I'll totally make one! haha!

Jul 2, 2016

Christmas in July Giveaway Hop! Win an AMAZON giftcard!

I'm sure you've stopped by Garden Dreams Decor by now! The shop site is beautiful! Here is my original blog.. based on my original love! BOOKS!! Once a book blogger, always a book blogger! I think my book flowers are starting to make sense now right? lol!!

So for this stop, here's a chance to win an amazon giftcard! I recommend you spend it on books, but you don't have to! :)

And don't forget to stop by the rest of the giveaways on the hop!!!

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Jul 1, 2016

Freedom to Read Giveaway hop! Win the whole Throne of Glass Series!

So I've been reading my way through the Throne of Glass Series lately. I had all the books. Then I gave them all away, and then I re bought them! Because their pretty and they look amazing on my book shelf!

Here's your chance to win a whole brand new set just for you! In any edition you want!! Hardcover? Paperback? UK? Anything goes! Just say it and it shall be done! Except for ARCs.. haha even I have a hard time getting my hands on those! lol!

Have you guys seen this book flower I made yet? This was the very first book flower EVER!!! And perhaps the real reason for this giveaway! It's still my favorite! :)

So on to the giveaway! Fill out the rafflecopter below to enter! And stop by the rest of the hop! I'm sure you know the drill by now! :)

International always welcome as long as the book depository ships to you!

Have a great day everyone!!!

Jun 30, 2016

Enter to win $50 from bookoutlet!! Because we all have tons of books on our wishlist there!! :)

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 Hey guys!! It's my stop on the hop and I'm writing this post just after spending a ton at the book outlet! OMG my wishlist is 20 books long over there! And even when I drop a ton of money, there's tons more to buy after that!!

Raise your hand if your in the same boat as me!! Oh I know you are! :)

So here's you chance to win a $50 giftcard from the book outlet!!! Why, because I feel your pain!! And wouldn't it be nice to just spurge!! How many books can you buy with that much???? Oh I can buy tons!!!

Gotta thank my lovely flower shop GardenDreamsDecor for donating this amazing prize! I've been doing so well over there, it gives me a chance to spurge on you guys over here! Yay!

I'm gonna throw in 3 beautiful book flowers too! Just because every book shelf should have a little sparkle! 

Oh yeah!

Just fill out the rafflecopter below to enter!
And always make sure to stop by the rest of the hop!!!

Oh and definitely stop by GardenDreamsDecor! Just because its pretty! 

Have a great day and good luck!!

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